Miss Augusta 2017 - Cari Anne Cashon

Cari Anne Cashon 2016Platform:  Brain Injury Awareness
Talent:  Piano
Age:  23
Parents:  Susie and Dave Cashon
Hometown:  Wichita, KS
School: Wichita State University-Graduate Student

Miss Boot Hill 2017 - Jetta Smith

Jetta Smith 2017Platform:  No Means No
Talent:  Monologue/Spoken Word
Age:  21
Parents:  Debra Smith
Hometown:  Oklahoma City, OK
School:  Fort Hays State University

Miss Butler County 2017 - Kayla Hawkins

Kayla Hawkins 2016Platform:  Lend a Paw & be Pawsitive: Ending Animal Abuse and Cruelty
Talent:  Piano
Age:  19
Parents:  Melody DeLano
Hometown:  Douglass, KS
School: Cowly County Community College

Miss Columbus 2017 - Abbey Peterson

Abbey Peterson 2017Platform:  Choices Make Champions
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  18
Parents:  Kimberly Perry
Hometown:  Columbus, KS
School:  Columbus Unified High School

Miss Cowboy Capital 2017 - Katelyn Unruh

Katelyn Unruh 2017Platform:  Beautiful YOU: Motivating & Encouraging Women to Be Who They Were Created to Be
Talent:  Monologue
Age:  22
Parents:  Sharleen & Jeffery Unruh
Hometown:  Copeland
School:  Fort Hays State University

Miss Cowley County 2017 - Cassie Lohmeyer

Cassie Lohmeyer 2017Platform:  A Voice for Our Veterans: Serving Those Who Have Served
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  22
Parents:  Cindy Waggoner & Jim Lohmeyer
Hometown:  Benton, KS
School:  Wichita State University

Miss Dodge City 2017 - Sarah Gustin

Sarah Gustin 2017Platform:  Domestic Violence Awareness
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  19
Parents:  Clare & Brent Gustin
Hometown:  Hays, KS
School: Kansas State University

Miss Emerald City 2017 - Emily Rugg

Emily Rugg 2017Platform:  Fighting Back: Living with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  18
Parents:  Dooli & Justin Rugg
Hometown:  Hazelton, KS
School:  South Barber High School

Miss Golden Belt 2017 - Callie Lane

Callie Lane 2017Platform:  Beauty & Brains: Encouraging Women in STEM
Talent:  Dance
Age:  20
Parents:  Lisa & James Lane
Hometown:  Desoto, KS
School:  University of Missouri Kansas City

Miss Greater Wichita 2017 - Phoebe Hett

Phoebe Hett 2017Platform:  Foster Care: Help Children to Feel at Home
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  17
Parents:  Michele & David Hett
Hometown:  Marion, KS
School:  Butler Community College

Miss Heart of Kansas 2017 - Maci Necole Johnson

Maci Necole Johnson 2017Platform:  Poverty to Prosperity: Breaking the Barriers of Destitution and Stereotypes
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  19
Parents:  Necole Johnson
Hometown:  Leavenworth, KS
School:  Kansas City Community College

Miss Heartland 2017 - Hannah Maddy

Hannah Maddy 2017Platform:  Who Will You Help? Empowering Bystanders to Become Upstanders
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  22
Parents:  Angie and Bill Maddy
Hometown:  Great Bend, KS
School: Kansas State University

Miss Metro KC 2017 - Jade Dowling

Jade Dowling 2017Platform:  Love Your Body, Live Your Dream
Talent:  Dance
Age:  20
Parents:  Wendy and Frank Dowling
Hometown:  Hutchinson, KS
School:  Wichita State University

Miss Neewollah 2017 - Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson 2017Platform:  Empowering Underprivileged Youth Through Education
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  18
Parents:  Shannon Moses
Hometown:  Independence, KS
School:  Independence High School

Miss Ruby Slippers 2017 - Catie LeNeve

Catie LeNeve 2017Platform:  Changing Minds; Mental Health Awareness, Advocacy, and Action
Talent:  Piano
Age:  20
Parents:  Lisa Marie & Joe LeNeve
Hometown:  Hugoton, KS
School:  Butler Community College

Miss Santa Fe Trail 2017 - Allison VanNahmen

Allison VanNahmen 2017Platform:  Shine Bright:  Seeing the Light Each Day Brings
Talent:  Piano/Vocal
Age:  20
Parents:  LaWana and Lyle VanNahmen
Hometown:  Spearville, KS
School:  Newman University

Miss South Central 2017 - Tyra Hayden

Tyra Hayden 2017Platform:  Volunteering Today for a Better Tomorrow
Talent:  Dance
Age:  18
Parents:  Kim & Samuel Hayden
Hometown:  Ulysses, KS
School:  Ulysses High School

Miss Southwest 2017 - Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard 2017Platform:  Adoption is an Option
Talent:  Tap Dance
Age:  20
Parents:  Kelley Rae & Bruce Howard
Hometown:  Ulysses, KS
School:  Kansas State University

Miss Sunflower 2017 - Christina Million

Christina Million 2017Platform:  SMILE: Strengthening, Motivating and Inspiring Lives Everywhere
Talent:  Dance
Age:  20
Parents:  Brenda & Mike Million
Hometown:  Dodge City, KS
School:  Dodge City Community College

Miss Topeka 2017 - Bailey Stattelman

Bailey Stattelman 2017Platform:  Suicide Prevention: Killing the Silent Killer
Talent:  Dance/Vocal
Age:  18
Parents:  Jennifer & Anthony Stattleman
Hometown:  Topeka, KS
School:  Seaman High School

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June 10, 2017

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