The 2017 Miss Kansas Pageant will offer the public an opportunity to determine which contestant automatically advances to the Miss Kansas 2017 finals on June 10, 2017, through an online voting method.

All contestant photos, names, platform issues, talent and titles will be posted on the Miss Kansas Organization website on a Kansas’ Choice Awards page. Each vote is $1 and submitted electronically by clicking on the vote button, with all proceeds benefitting the Miss Kansas Scholarship Organization.

Online voting will be open May 2, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. CST until 11:59 p.m. CST on June 6, 2017.

Results of voting shall be provided to the Miss Kansas Organization Auditing Team of Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC immediately thereafter. If the contestant selected as Kansas’ Choice is also designated in the Top Ten by the judges’ scores, the next judges’ highest scoring contestant (#11) shall become a finalist. As always, no reference to numeric placement will be announced, with competition order determined by the production staff. The Kansas’ Choice Award will be announced prior to the remaining Top Ten at the beginning of the final competition on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Competition shall commence as usual from thereon, with eleven finalists.

Miss Augusta 2017 - Cari Anne Cashon - People's Choice

CariAnne Cashon 2016

Platform:  Brain Power:  Awareness and Advocacy for Brain Injury
Talent:  Piano

Miss Barton County 2017 - Madyson Hayden - People's Choice

Madyson Hayden 2017

Platform:  Promoting Positive Body Image
Talent:  Dance

Miss Boot Hill 2017 - Jetta Smith - People's Choice

Jetta Smith 2017

Platform:  No Means No
Talent:  Spoken Word

Miss Butler County 2017 - Kayla Hawkins - People's Choice

Kayla Hawkins 2017

Platform:  Lend a Paw & Be PAWsitive: Ending Animal Abuse and Cruelty
Talent:  Piano

Miss Capital City 2017 - Hannah Mauler - People's Choice

Hannah Mauler 2017

Platform:  How Fit is Your Life
Talent:  Dance

Miss Columbus 2017 - Abbey Peterson - People's Choice

Abbey Peterson 2017

Platform:  Choices Can Make Champions
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Cottonwood 2017 - Dakota Derstein - People's Choice

Dakota Derstein 2017

Platform:  MADD: No More Victims
Talent:  Violin

Miss Cowboy Capital 2017 - Katelyn Unruh - People's Choice


Platform:  Beautiful YOU: Motivating & Encouraging Women to Be Who They Were Created to Be
Talent:  Spoken Word

Miss Cowley County 2017 - Cassie Lohmeyer - People's Choice

Cassie Lohmeyer 2017

Platform:  A Voice for Our Veterans: Serving Those Who Have Served
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Dodge City 2017 - Sarah Gustin - People's Choice

Sarah Gustin 2017

Platform:  Domestic Violence Awareness
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Emerald City 2017 - Emily Rugg - People's Choice

Emily Rugg 2017

Platform:  Fighting Back: Living with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Garden City Fiesta 2017 - Sydney Rodriguez - People's Choice

Sydney Rodriguez 2017

Platform:  Refugee Awareness: Facts Not Fear
Talent:  Dance

Miss Golden Belt 2017 - Callie Lane - People's Choice

Callie Lane 2017

Platform:  Beauty & Brains: Encouraging Women in STEM
Talent:  Dance

Miss Greater Wichita 2017 - Phoebe Hett - People's Choice

Phoebe Hett 2017

Platform:  Foster Care: Help Children to Feel at Home
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Heart of Kansas 2017 - Maci Necole Johnson - People's Choice

Maci Necole Johnson 2017

Platform:  Poverty to Prosperity
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Heart of the Midwest 2017 - Krystian Fish - People's Choice

Krystian Fish 2017

Platform:  Be Unstoppable: Disability, not Definition
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Heartland 2017 - Hannah Maddy - People's Choice

Hannah Maddy 2017

Platform:  Teach Success: Creating Caring Communities Through Character Education
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Johnson County 2017 - Alexandria Black - People's Choice

Alexandria Black 2017

Platform:  Remission Redefined: The Breast is Yet to Come
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Kingman County 2017 - Annika Wooton - People's Choice

Annika Wooton 2017

Platform:  The Artist's Fingerprint: Cultivating Creativity Through Engagement and Investment in the Arts
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Leavenworth County 2017 - Miranda Flemming - People's Choice

Miranda Flemming 2017

Platform:  Facing the Burning Building
Talent:  Dance

Miss Meadowlark 2017 - Cassandra Johnson - People's Choice

Cassandra Johnson 2017

Platform:  Investing in America: The Strength of Diversity
Talent:  Piano

Miss Metro KC 2017 - Jade Dowling - People's Choice

Jade Dowling 2017

Platform:  Love Your Body, Live Your Dream
Talent:  Dance

Miss Neewollah 2017 - Ashley Johnson - People's Choice

Ashley Johnson 2017

Platform:  Empowering Underprivileged Youth Through Education
Talent:  Dance

Miss Ruby Slippers 2017 - Catie LeNeve - People's Choice

Catie LeNeve 2017

Platform:  Changing Minds-Mental Health Awareness, Advocacy, and Action
Talent:  Piano

Miss Santa Fe Trail 2017 - Allison VanNahmen - People's Choice

Allison VanNahmen 2017

Platform:  Project Unbreakable
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Sedgwick County 2017 - Trisha Lauer - People's Choice

Trisha Lauer 2017

Platform:  Revival of America
Talent:  Dance/Gymnastics

Miss South Central 2017 - Tyra Hayden - People's Choice

Tyra Hayden 2017

Platform:  Volunteering Today for a Better Tomorrow
Talent:  Dance

Miss Southwest 2017 - Jordan Howard - People's Choice

Jordan Howard 2017

Platform:  Adoption is an Option
Talent:  Dance

Miss Sunflower 2017 - Christina Million - People's Choice

Christina Million 2017

Platform:  SMILE
Talent:  Dance

Miss Topeka 2017 - Bailey Stattelman - People's Choice

Bailey Stattelman 2017

Platform:  Suicide Prevention: Killing the Silent Killer
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Ulysses 2017 - Mercedes Seger - People's Choice

Mercedes Seger 2017

Platform:  I Was Chosen - It's in the Love not the Blood
Talent:  Vocal

Miss Wichita Asian Festival 2017 - Greeshma Reddy - People's Choice

Greeshma Reddy 2017

Platform:  ScholarSHIP: Sailing to Success
Talent:  Dance

Miss Yellow Brick Road 2017 - Makayla Lofland - People's Choice

Makayla Lofland 2017

Platform:  The Danger of an Unknown Brain Injury
Talent:  Vocal/Signing

June 10, 2017
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