2012 Miss Titleholders

Miss Arkansas Valley 2012 - Chelsea Chilcott

ChelseaChilcott2012Platform: Building The Circle - Peer Mentoring
Talent: Ventriloquist
Age:  19
Parents:  Diane Chilcott & Bart Chilcott
Hometown:  Derby
School:  Butler County Community College

Miss Asian Festival 2012 - Emily Abay

EmilyAbay2012Platform: Embracing Cultural Diversity
Talent: Dance
Age:  18
Parents:  Emeline and Eustaquio Abay
Hometown:  Wichita
School:  Kaupaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School

Miss Dodge City 2012 - Tiffany Flax

Tiffany Flax 2012Platform: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness
Talent:  Dance
Age: 21
Parents:  Crystal & Lewis Flax
Hometown:  Dodge City
School:  Dodge City Community College

Miss Hay Capital 2012 - Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor 2012Platform:  T.E.E.N-Teen Dating Violence, Educate, Eliminate. Now.
Talent:  Dance
Age:  21
Parents:  Cheyrl & Ronald Childers
Hometown:  North Platte, NE
School:  University of Kansas


Miss K-State Wildcat 2012 - Danielle Hill

Danielle Hill 2012Platform:  Growing the Future Now: Supporting Farmers and Ranchers
Talent: Saxophone
Age: 22
Parents:  Teresa & Mark Hill
Hometown:  Overland Park
School:  Cleveland College of Chiropractic

Miss Liberal 2012 - Lauren Sarchet

Lauren Sarchet 2012Platform: Purity as a Possibility
Talent:  Vocal
Age: 17
Parents:  Patricia & Jeffrey Sarchet
Hometown:  Hugoton
School:  Liberal High School

Miss Manhattan 2012 - Sophia Tolentino

Sophia Tolentino 2012Platform:  R-Word, Spread The Word To End The Word
Talent: Vocal
Age: 18
Parents:  Beth & Elias Tolentino
Hometown:  Manhattan
School:  Manhattan High School

Miss Midway 2012 - Amber Seevers

Amber Seevers 2012Platform:  Cyber Bullying: "Don't Stand By, Stand Up!"
Talent:  Saxophone
Age: 18
Parents:  Debra & Mallory Seevers
Hometown:  Kinsley
School:  Kinsley High School

Miss North Central 2012 - Michelle Page

Michelle Page 2012Platform: Pasty by Choice, Pale is Beautiful
Talent:  Dance
Age: 20
Parents:  Catherine & Gregory Page
Hometown:  Downey, CA
School:  Kansas State University

Miss Santa Fe Trail 2012 - Audrey Lamar

Audrey Lamar 2012Platform: F.I.T.K.S. (Fitness is Tantamount to Kansans Success)
Talent: Acrobatic Dance
Age: 22
Parents:  Pamela & Ronald Lamar
Hometown:  Valley Center
School:  Wichita State University

Miss Southeast 2012 - Marah Melvin

Marah Melvin 2012Platform: Mentoring Creativity and Self-Confidence ...
Talent:  Vocal
Age: 22
Parents:  Mona and Michael Melvin
Hometown:  Iola
School:  Emporia State University

Miss Southern 2012 - Kristyn Campbell

KristynCampbell2012Platform: Peace House Ministry
Talent:  Piano
Age: 19
Parents:  Marreta & Kris Campbell
Hometown:  Hugoton
School:  Seward County Community College

Miss Southwest 2012 - Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long 2012Platform:  Building Character: Creating Relationships, Respect and a Positive Attitude in School
Talent: Vocal
Age: 22
Parents:  Cherie & Matthew Long
Hometown:  Ulysses
School:  Kansas Weslyan University

Miss Sunflower 2012 - Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas 2012Platform:  Fighting Hunger for America's Kids/Starting With Kansas
Talent:   Vocal
Age: 20
Parents:  Susan Grimes & Frederick Thomas
Hometown:  Baldwin City
School:  University of Kansas


Miss Topeka 2012 - Belinda Post

Belinda Post 2012Platform: A Life of Giving - Youth Volunteerism
Talent:  Dance/Twirl
Age: 23
Parents:  Beverly & Blake Post
Hometown:  Topeka
School:  Kansas State University Graduate/University of Florida Masters


Miss Kansas
June 11, 2022
Dennis Lesh Sports Arena

Pratt Community College in Pratt, KS

Miss Kansas' Outstanding Teen
March 25-27, 2022
Carpenter Auditorium
Pratt Community College in Pratt, KS