2013 Miss Titleholders

Miss Augusta 2013 - Chelsea Chilcott

ChelseaChilcott2013Platform: Building the Circle:  Importance of Mentoring
Talent: Ventriloquist
Age:  20
Parents:  Diane Chilcott & Bart Chilcott
Hometown:  Derby
School: Butler County Community College

Miss Barton County 2013 - Taylor Fry

TaylorFry2013Platform:   The Importance of Childhood Music Education
Talent:  Piano
Age: 18
Parents:  Angie and Jeff Fry
Hometown:  Great Bend
School:  Great Bend High School

Miss Capital City 2013 - Meagan Johnson

MeaganJohnson2012Platform: My Life; My Choice-Stand for the Silent-To Prevent Bullying
Talent:  Dance
Age: 20
Parents:  Janine and Andy Johnson
Hometown:  Leavenworth
School:  Kansas State University

Miss Flint Hills 2013 - Mai-Thy Ta

Mai-ThyTa2013Platform:   Embracing Diversity:  Making a Stand
Talent:  Vocal/Piano
Age:  20
Parents:  Tuyetmai and Martin Grantham
Hometown:  Augusta
School: Butler County Community College

Miss Golden Belt 2013 - Kaiti Hemann

Kaiti Hemann 2013Platform:   Be a Hero!  Stop Bullying
Talent:  Piano
Age: 21
Parents:  Stephanie & Brian Hemann
Hometown:  Hugoton
School:  University of Kansas

Miss Greater Wichita 2013 - Hannah Fox

HannahFox2013Platform:   Reach Out and Read
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  18
Parents:  Lisa Fox and Tim Eastin
Hometown:  Overland Park
School: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Miss Leavenworth County 2013 - Theresa Vail

TheresaVail2013Platform:   Empowering Young Women Through Male-Dominated Outdoor Activities
Talent: Vocal
Age:  22
Parents:  Joy and Mark Vail
Hometown:  Manhattan
School:  Kansas State University

Miss Liberal 2013 - Giovanna Baca

GiovannaBaca2013Platform:   Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow
Talent:  Dance
Age:  19
Parents:  Blanca and Jesus Baca
Hometown:  Liberal
School:  Seward County Community College

Miss Lyon County 2013 - Kimberly Janice

KimberlyJanice2013Platform:   Reach Out:  Postive Role Models for At Risk Youth
Talent:  Dance
Age:  22
Parents:  Nora and Mark Janice
Hometown:  Topeka
School: Kansas State University

Miss Pittsburg 2013 - Alyssa Marsh

AlyssaMarsh2013Platform:   Furthering Equal Rights for Equal Pay; Eliminating the Gender Bias in the Workforce
Talent:  Vocal
Age:  21
Parents:  Heather Anne and Chris Marsh
Hometown:  Overland Park
School:  Pittsburg State University

Miss Prairie Rose 2013 - Kelcey Clites

Kelcey Clites 2013Platform:  No Excuse for Child Abuse
  Nancy and Brad Clites
  El Dorado
  Butler County Community College

Miss Santa Fe Trail 2013 - Megan Zerr

MeganZerr2013Platform:   Make the Choice Today for a Healthier Tomorrow
Talent: Dance
Age:  22
Parents:  Mary Jo and Greg Zerr
Hometown:  Ulysses
School:  Wichita State University Graduate

Miss Southwest 2013 - Hannah Langley

Hannah Langley 2013Platform:  Recyle Life:  Organ Donation
Talent: Dance
Age:  21
Parents:  Julia and Michael Langley
Hometown:  Winfield
School:  Oklahoma State University

Miss Sunflower 2013 - Kayla Norton

Kayla Norton 2013Platform:   Early Childhood Programming:  Working With Special Needs
Talent:  Dance
Age:  20
Parents:  Krista and Craig Norton
Hometown:  Syracuse
School:  Washburn University

Miss Wooded Hills 2013 - Danielle Hill

DanielleHill2013Platform:   Cultivating Healthy Lifestyles
Talent: Saxophone
Age:  23
Parents:  Teresa and Mark Hill
Hometown:  Overland Park
School:  Cleveland Chiropractic


Miss Kansas
June 11, 2022
Dennis Lesh Sports Arena

Pratt Community College in Pratt, KS

Miss Kansas' Outstanding Teen
March 25-27, 2022
Liberty Middle School in Pratt, KS