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Atlantic City, NJ (August 19, 2015) - Nine former Miss America State Titleholders gathered in Atlantic City Saturday, August 15th to officially launch The Miss America State Titleholders Association. These women - doctors, lawyers, journalists, computer science education experts - put real life stories to the success and extent of the Miss America Organization and Miss America Foundation scholarships.

"MASTA", as it is being called, is co-chaired by Lynn Weidner, Miss New Jersey 1972, Chair of the Miss America Organization, and Regina Hopper, Miss Arkansas 1983, Chair of the Miss America Foundation.
SloanLewis195x275The 17 MASTA Ambassadors were chosen over the course of a year through a recommendation and review process.  This "inaugural" group will work to bring wider attention to the true objectives of the Miss America program - scholarship and service.

"These women exemplify what the Miss America program is all about.The real power of the Miss America experience is not as a goal in itself, but the fact it is a springboard toward a more empowered future. Through scholarships, opportunities and experiences that promote education, community service, and the attainment of life goals, the Miss America Organization believe in creating winners for life," said Lynn Weidner.

"Miss America is more than just the one night television tradition where one young woman walks a runway. It is a 365 day-a-year program where hundreds of women impact lives in communities, industries, and professions across this country," said Regina Hopper. "By bringing these talented, successful, and humble individuals together, we can leverage the full strength of the Miss America program."
Following a day of media interviews and outreach, the MASTA Ambassadors joined the current Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, and other state titleholders from the Class of 2015, on the Kennedy Plaza stage to showcase their work, talent, and reasons for wanting to advance the Miss America Organization and Miss America Foundation.

Sam Haskell, Executive Chairmen and CEO of the Miss America Organization stressed the importance of the association and announced the MASTA Ambassadors will be in Atlantic City for the 95th Anniversary of Miss America. He added they will be featured on stage in Boardwalk Hall on Wednesday evening, September 9th, will participate in the 9/11 tribute on Friday, September 11th, which will benefit the Miss America Foundation, and will join in the Miss America "Show Us Your Shoes" parade down the boardwalk on Saturday, September 12th.

"This group of women is bringing renewed recognition and energy to the Miss America Organization. I am proud of the work they have done, and will continue to do, to bring the entire story of this great program to a larger audience." said Mr. Haskell. "I am grateful they will also join us on Sunday, September 13th to watch the crowning of a new Miss America and welcome a new generation of state leaders."

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