Miss Keepers of the Crown

Emily Deaver 2008Emily Deaver - Miss Kansas 2008

Platform:  Promoting the Arts
Piano / Vocal
Augusta, KS
Date of Birth:
August 12, 1988

Education: Wichita State University, Butler Community College, Augusta High School
Scholastic/Career Ambition:
PhD in Composition
Scholastic Honors:
WSU Dean’s List, National Honor Society, Augusta HS Diploma of Distinction and Honor Roll, received 2nd place for self-portrait drawing, Certificate of Outstanding Academic Achievement-Exemplary scoring on the KS Mathematics Assessment & for achieving an advance score in KS State Writing Assessment, Superior Rating-Piano and Clarinet at League Music Festival, Scored at 12th grade level at age nine in reading, math, & science, medaled in all cross country races, Outstanding Musician Award.

Leadership Roles: Conducting WSU jazz band, varsity captain of boys soccer team, little league soccer coach, FCA worship leader, servant leadership weekend, piano teacher.

Accomplishments: Earned 30 hours college credit prior to HS graduation, composing and directing my own music.

Interesting Facts: Three brothers, my father is a minister, sang the tenor part in WSU A Cappella Choir.

Employment: Worked at a dog kennel for four years, at a music store, and as a server in restaurants.  What impact can the Miss America Organization and its contestants have on society through the partnership with Children’s Miracle Network? I propose an online resource community for patients and families supported by the volunteer efforts of contestants—past and present. Information, tools, curriculums, guides and outreach programs will be available on a Miss America/CMN website to parents wondering how to care for their child at home and as a source of education and support for patients hoping to eliminate any fear their circumstances hold.

What is the best way to make Miss America more relevant to people of your age?
“GenY,” comprises the largest generational bulge since the “Baby Boomers.” At 76 million strong, we possess distinctive values driven by a social consciousness unparalleled in prior generations. 1 in 3 is not Caucasian; 1 in 4 lives in a single parent household; 84.9% can easily obtain illegal drugs. We have come of age in the shadows of Columbine, 9-11, the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the war in Iraq where the average age of the soldier is 19. TV for the “Boomers” drove homogeneity; the internet for Gen Y drives diversity. We demand and seek truth. We share an abiding, generous concern for connecting to and bettering the lives of others. Studies show that the image building campaigns that resonated with “Boomers” and included a slogan, image and a feeling, fall flat with Gen Y. Our loyalty attaches to brands that stay ahead of the curve and use humor, irony and the unvarnished truth to secure our attention. By fearlessly creating opportunities that allow young women to open up and speak about their personal tragedies and triumphs (even when the gut of their messages says loudly, “This is not your Mother’s Miss America”) Gen Y will take note. Relevance for Gen Y will occur when the program moves with confidence beyond an image that is the “ideal” of another generation and toward creating an image that is simply real.

If you could create and produce one single event that would best utilize the partnership between the Miss America Organization and Children’s Miracle Network, what would it be and how would you do it?
At a CMN hospital in each state, local and state contestants will host “All About Kids Day” during Youth Appreciation Week (Nov 11-17). A special group of children (from the state titleholder’s platform focus) will be partnered with a CMN child and will share a day of activities and a special project involving “Flat Miss America” (like Flat Stanley).


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Dennis Lesh Sports Arena

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